First Attempt

Lars Hellström
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 22:42:15 +0200

At 17.48 +0200 2002-06-17, Adrian Heathcote wrote:
>Hi All---well, my first attempt comprehensively failed. I made the
>changes suggested below (with one exception) and fontinst choked when it
>got to the T19 encoding which it claimed not to be able to find.

The #3 argument of \installfont is basically a file name, which means that
if you're on a case-sensitive file system and this argument has the wrong
case then TeX won't be able to find the file. I think long, long ago these
file names were upper case since encoding names are always upper case, but
nowadays file names in the TeX world are generally all lower case. You
probably have the file t1.etx, but are telling fontinst to look for T1.etx.
As for T19.etx, that file was renamed t1j.etx around fontinst v1.8.

By contrast, the #4 argument of \installfont is a case-sensitive identifier
that will be put as an argument of various LaTeX commands in the generated
FD file. It must be upper case, since LaTeX encoding names are always upper

>(Lars---that one change that I didn't make: was this the spot that you
>thought should be changed to T1, or was it somewhere else?) Should I
>move to OT19 encoding for the old style figures? At a loss what to try

I suspect that unless you use `t1' as third argument of \installfont
throughout, some of the fonts you make will be missing some glyphs.

>>> \input fontinst.sty
>>> \installfonts
>>> \installfamily{T1}{pgj}{}
>Should pgj really be pgjj in this case of old style figures?

That's just a convention.

>>> \installfont{pgjr8t}{pgjr8a,latin}{T19}{T1}{pgj}{m}{n}{}
>>> \installfont{pgjri8t}{pgjri8a,latin}{T19}{T1}{pgj}{m}{it}{}
>>> \installfont{pgjb8t}{pgjb8a,latin}{T19}{T1}{pgj}{m}{b}{}

Oh! Those arguments should rather be:               {b}{n}
since bold is a series, not a shape.

>>> \installfont{pgjrc8t}{pgjrc8a,latin}{T1c}{T1}{pgj}{m}{sc}{}
>> Those ...8a files should rather be ...8r, otherwise many common accented
>> letters will be faked although there are proper versions in the font.
>> All
>> the #3 arguments should probably be {t1},
>Yes, this was the one suggestion that I was unsure about. Do you mean
>that T1 should really be t1? Or the T19s?

The T19's and the T1c.

>I wasn't sure where the counting of the arguments started from.

The arguments of any macro/command are numbered by TeX as #1, #2, #3, etc.
from left to right.

>Also do I need the third of
>these lines?

I suspect you'll want to have a bold font, yes.

>(I think the documentation of Fontinst needs one or two more pages added
>to it.)

Only two?

>> Actually making these fonts is a trickier matter however, since the
>> foundry
>> has probably used the same name for glyphs that you need to distinguish
>> between.
>But a word processor like Word knows that there are differences there
>and can call them. How does it do it?

I suspect it doesn't. Word processors generally rely on the user to tell it
exactly which font, which glyph in the font, etc. to use.

Lars Hellström