First Attempt

Adrian Heathcote
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 18:48:30 +0200

Hi All---well, my first attempt comprehensively failed. I made the 
changes suggested below (with one exception) and fontinst choked when it 
got to the T19 encoding which it claimed not to be able to find. 
(Lars---that one change that I didn't make: was this the spot that you 
thought should be changed to T1, or was it somewhere else?) Should I 
move to OT19 encoding for the old style figures? At a loss what to try 

>> \input fontinst.sty
>> \installfonts
>> \installfamily{T1}{pgj}{}

Should pgj really be pgjj in this case of old style figures?

>> \substitutesilent{bx}{b}
>> \substitutenoisy{ui}{it}
>> \transformfont{pgjr8r}{\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgjr8a}}}
>> \transformfont{pgjri8r}{\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgjri8a}}}
>> \transformfont{{pgjb8r}{\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgjb8a}}}
>                ^ You've got an extra level of grouping here ^
> The \substitute... and \transformfont commands should appear before
> \installfonts. \installfonts, \installfont, and \endinstallfonts are
> beginning and ending groups in a rather non-intuitive way which 
> interferes
> with the expected operation of assignment commands (such as the
> \substitute... commands).
>> \installfont{pgjr8t}{pgjr8a,latin}{T19}{T1}{pgj}{m}{n}{}
>> \installfont{pgjri8t}{pgjri8a,latin}{T19}{T1}{pgj}{m}{it}{}
>> \installfont{pgjb8t}{pgjb8a,latin}{T19}{T1}{pgj}{m}{b}{}
>> \installfont{pgjrc8t}{pgjrc8a,latin}{T1c}{T1}{pgj}{m}{sc}{}
> Those ...8a files should rather be ...8r, otherwise many common accented
> letters will be faked although there are proper versions in the font. 
> All
> the #3 arguments should probably be {t1},

Yes, this was the one suggestion that I was unsure about. Do you mean 
that T1 should really be t1? Or the T19s? I wasn't sure where the 
counting of the arguments started from. Also do I need the third of 
these lines?

(I think the documentation of Fontinst needs one or two more pages added 
to it.)

> since the glyph names in the raw
> fonts probably don't reflect what the glyphs really look like.
>> \endistallfonts
>       ^n
>> \bye
>> But this will---at best--- only install the old-style figures. Ideally
>> I'd like the lining figures as well as old style. Can anyone suggest a
>> mod. that will accomplish that?
> Since LaTeX doesn't have a font attribute that expresses this 
> difference,
> the usual way of handling this is to make two families---one named pgj
> which has lining figures and one named pgjj which has hanging figures.
> Actually making these fonts is a trickier matter however, since the 
> foundry
> has probably used the same name for glyphs that you need to distinguish
> between.

But a word processor like Word knows that there are differences there 
and can call them. How does it do it?

Anyway thanks for all the help.


Adrian Heathcote