Italic Caps

Lars Hellström
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 00:12:27 +0200

At 23.06 +0200 2002-06-16, Albert Kapune wrote:
>Recently I bought some T1 fonts which also contain italic caps; these
>caps are in ªconventional´, not ªexpert´ font files.
>So I wonder if I can make them work under LaTeX using fontinst -- as
>ªcaps´ and ªitalic´ are mutually exclusive in the font naming scheme.

That's not entirely true. In principle you can use any string as the name
of a font shape in LaTeX (as long as you stay away from a few special
characters such as `/', but it is probably wise to stick to lower case
letters only). Thus it is quite possible to declare a font as having e.g.
the shape `ic' for "italic caps". You couldn't access this font by saying
\textit{\textsc{...}}---that would give you the normal sc font---but you
would be able to switch to it using the commands
You could also define a new command \textic to go with the standard \textit
and friends through the command
as described in fntguide.tex.

>Does anybody here has an idea anyway? Of course, I could give those
>fonts individual names -- but that's kind of sledgehammer ...
>Maybe most people here are typographically shocked,


>but I need these
>fonts for some special purposes. :-)

Lars Hellström