First Attempt

Lars Hellström
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 20:42:45 +0200

At 19.01 +0200 2002-06-16, Adrian Heathcote wrote:
>Hi All
>This is my first stab. Does it look right?
>\input fontinst.sty
               ^ You've got an extra level of grouping here ^
The \substitute... and \transformfont commands should appear before
\installfonts. \installfonts, \installfont, and \endinstallfonts are
beginning and ending groups in a rather non-intuitive way which interferes
with the expected operation of assignment commands (such as the
\substitute... commands).


Those ...8a files should rather be ...8r, otherwise many common accented
letters will be faked although there are proper versions in the font. All
the #3 arguments should probably be {t1}, since the glyph names in the raw
fonts probably don't reflect what the glyphs really look like.

>But this will---at best--- only install the old-style figures. Ideally
>I'd like the lining figures as well as old style. Can anyone suggest a
>mod. that will accomplish that?

Since LaTeX doesn't have a font attribute that expresses this difference,
the usual way of handling this is to make two families---one named pgj
which has lining figures and one named pgjj which has hanging figures.
Actually making these fonts is a trickier matter however, since the foundry
has probably used the same name for glyphs that you need to distinguish

Lars Hellström