Lars Hellström
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 18:40:32 +0200

At 18.03 +0200 2002-06-16, Axel Rose wrote:
>>... there is nothing in the PFB which will give you any kerning
>One objection though:
>On the Mac you neither have PFB nor AFM file. The info must be
>hidden somethere within the typical Mac resources (LWNF I guess)

Not in the LWFN---that's just the same information as in the PFB, but cut
up in chunks a bit differently. The information you seek is instead in the
FOND (which sits in the font suitcase file). There is an old font tool,
probably called DumpFOND, from Apple which dumps the information (or at
least a lot of it) in this resource as a text file. I believe this is still
available somewhere on their website, but unfortunately they don't seem to
have bothered documenting the output format. It's human-readable though.

Lars Hellström