Lars Hellström
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 16:34:55 +0200

At 14.39 +0200 2002-06-16, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>pgjrcja8 is -- in theory -- correct:
>"c" stands for smallcaps, "j" stands for OsF.
>Yet the Karl.Bery-Schem says pgjrc8a -- don't ask me, why.

It's probably because of \latinfamily. If the font is named like that then
\latinfamily will see it and produce a T1/pgj/m/sc from it, whereas if you
name the font pgjrcj8a then \latinfamily won't see it and will instead fake
T1/pgj/m/sc by shrinking the capitals in pgjr8a.

>In practice, it does not matter, because \latinfamily
>does not handle SC/OsF fonts properly, anyway.
>You will have to write you own \installfont commands.

The method of making a "fake" expert font from an Sc&OsF raw font has been
treated a couple of times on this list---it could be an alternative---but
it is IMHO better to use \installfont since then at least you know which
fonts are being used.

Lars Hellström