Lars Hellström
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 16:21:19 +0200

At 12.57 +0200 2002-06-16, Axel Rose wrote:
>May I add to Adrians questions -- does anyone know of good tool
>to extract the afm file from a pfb or a Mac LWNF resource?

I'd say that there is no such tool, since the information is not there to
extract. What you can do is use the information in the PFB to create *an*
AFM corresponding to the PFB, but it will not be *the* AFM of that font. It
may however well be sufficient for what you need AFM for, so you're not
completely at a loss.

Things that certainly can be inferred from the PFB are: the names of the
glyphs, their advance widths, their bounding boxes, their default encoding
positions, and many font-wide metrics such as the x-height. On the other
hand, there is nothing in the PFB which will give you any kerning

>I tried the ghostscript supplied pfb2afm script but correct
>Euro currency coding as well as kerning info seems to be lost.

I'd rather suspect it wasn't there to begin with.

>(I know of commercial programs doing this but for the moment
>I cannot access them.)

Most Type 1 font editors allow you to open a "naked" PFB and can write *an*
AFM corresponding to that---I would suspect this is what you mean. I
believe there is also a non-commercial font editor called PFAedit around;
it should have the same capability, but I doubt you'll get better results
than from pfb2afm.

Lars Hellström