Adrian Heathcote
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 05:04:15 +0200

Hi All

A second question while the first is being considered: about three or 
four years ago I got a font from Adobe (my first bought font, in fact) 
that was called Old Style Seven. When I now look for the afm files that 
should accompany this they are nowhere to be found. Nor are the afm's 
from other fonts acquired from Adobe that long ago. The thing is I don't 
know whether they were supplied but that I somehow mislaid them in the 
interim, or whether Adobe didn't supply them. (They certainly supply 
afm's with bought fonts now.)

Does anyone know what the story is here?

Thanks I A

Dr Adrian Heathcote
Department of Philosophy
University of Sydney
N.S.W. 2006
ph: 9351-2559