Sc + Old Style

Adrian Heathcote
Sat, 15 Jun 2002 18:51:05 +0200


I'm using fontinst for the first time to try to install Adobe Granjon. 
I'm not clear from the documentation what I should do to get access to 
both the small caps fonts and the old style figures. For example should 
I rename the outline font (which is now GranjSc) pgjrc8a, or should I 
treat the three fonts with old style figures as expert fonts and name 
the previous pgjrx8a? That would seen to be wrong as these fonts have 
standard encoding and contain no extra ligatures, etc.

In short, I'm caught between two remaining suggestions for naming: one 
that would seem to be appropriate for small caps and another that will 
catch the old style figures (with something like pgjrj8a, pgjrij8a, etc.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Dr Adrian Heathcote

Department of Philosophy
University of Sydney
N.S.W. 2006
ph: 9351-2559