bug in 8y.etx

Christopher League league@contrapunctus.net
Thu, 23 May 2002 19:22:04 +0200

 [Not certain whether I can post to this list without being
  subscribed, but here goes...]

  There is a problem with the "Lslash/lslash" slots in the 8y.etx that
  comes with the current (on CTAN) fontinst distribution (the file is
  version 1.801, 29 June 1998).

  The \setslot commands for the lslash characters are:


  So the lowercase "lslash" is missing.  Both slots get the uppercase
  "Lslash".  It should be:


  I almost never use these glyphs, and only occasionally use LY1, but
  I'm trying to build some virtual fonts for wider distribution and
  ran across this...