CM fonts

Nirmal Govind
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 02:08:55 +0200

The tex-fonts list ( would be more
Great.. thanks for the pointer..

That can certainly be
done (by changing the printer mode that MF works
with), but it may well be the case that what you see is the CM fonts
Can you elaborate on the above? How do I change the printer mode?
(MF=Modern Fonts?)
they are _supposed_ to
look. People often think that these fonts are too
light, when in fact they just look the way they were designed
Yes, that's true.. I know they're supposed to look that way so I guess
what I was trying to find is a workaround that would make the output look
"better" than it should on paper while printing at lower
resolution.. sounds like there's some way to do this from what you've
mentioned above so I'd love to get the details.. thanks for your help