CM fonts

Nirmal Govind
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 19:20:29 +0200


This may be a bit off-topic but it looked like the list that came closest 
to the issue.

I have a question about the Computer Modern fonts. When I print documents 
written in CM fonts with a 600dpi printer, the output on paper appears a 
bit too light (though on the computer screen it looks great). I've heard 
that for the output to look better on paper, the resolution needs to be at 
least 1200dpi. I just read that in 1992 Donald Knuth had made some changes 
so that the letterforms look good at low resolutions. I'm using Miktex on a 
cygwin platform so I'm guessing that this is already part of Miktex. So my 
question - is there any way to make the CM fonts look better (i.e. slightly 
thicker/darker) on paper? I think these fonts look awesome and so I'd like 
to stick to them as much as possible.