fonts in tex/latex

Sat, 20 Apr 2002 01:20:15 +0200

My apologies if I am posting this inquiry in the wrong place. Could someone please respond to me privately, informing me of where I might pose my question, should this prove to be the wrong forum? Thank you.

My inquiry is very preliminary. It is being posed to help me determine whether I should seriously consider using tex/latex for my dissertation. It looks promising, but I have questions about use of foreign language fonts. I will be writing on a biblical topic, and will be needing to use ancient Greek, and possibly biblical Hebrew fonts. I may even be limited to using one particular Greek and/or Hebrew font (likely true type). Should I consider using tex/latex, given this constraint?

Thank you, James Miller

PS Citations in German will also be made, but I am presuming modern foreign languages like German will pose no problems.