Installing fonts with non standard names

Albert Kapune
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 22:57:47 +0200

Hi Luca
> I'm trying to install Adobe's "Shelley Andante Script"  for use as
> calligraphic font. The name of this font, according to K. Berry's
> naming scheme, should be zpshans. This name is clearly non-standard
> (beginning with Z) and fontinst seems to be unable to deal with it. I
> tried to do the usual steps to install a postscript font: - I put the
> zpshans.afm file in the same directory as fontinst.sty - Run latex
> fontinst.sty - At the * prompt I wrote      \latinfamily{zpshans}{}
> \bye

I am not a fontinst guru -- but it seems that the \latinfamily script 
can obviously only deal with the three-letter standard names. If you 
want to use »zpshans« you must use the basic fontinst commands. 
(Please don't beat if I am wrong)

However, in my K. Berry font name manual (June 2001) I found »se« for 
the Shelley family. So the names should start with »pse«.

Kind regards

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