Installing fonts with non standard names

Luca Turchetti
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 22:29:34 +0200

I'm trying to install Adobe's "Shelley Andante 
Script"  for use as calligraphic font.
The name of this font, according to K. Berry's 
naming scheme, should be zpshans. 
This name is clearly non-standard (beginning 
with Z) and fontinst seems to be unable to deal with it.
I tried to do the usual steps to install a 
postscript font:
- I put the zpshans.afm file in the same directory 
as fontinst.sty
- Run latex fontinst.sty
- At the * prompt I 
wrote      \latinfamily{zpshans}{} \bye
Fontinst generated only the .fd files (which are 
not good) ...  no .vp and .vpl
I thought I could try to rename the file following 
the scheme pXXr8a.afm, maybe it would work,
but I think it's not that "clean".
Can anybody help me?
Thank you
Luca Turchetti