a newbie in trouble

rfuck@mines.edu rfuck@mines.edu
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 20:25:12 +0100

Hi all,
 I am trying to install Adobe Caslon font from only their original AFM files. 
I've used fontinst to get the corresponding tfm and vf and fd files. Later I 
realized I did know how to construct the map file for the font to be understood 
by dvips or pdftex.
I then used the finstmsc.sty to try to create a scratch for the map file, but 
TeX did not recognized many of the commands like \transformfont etc. So I have 
some questions:
1) Do I need to actually have the pfb files for Adobe Caslon to actually see it 
displayed in DVI or Ps and pdf files?
2) what is wrong with finstmsc.sty?
3) how do I write the lines for the map file for the expert and OsF+SC fonts, 
meaning which kind of enconding do I attribute to them?8r.enc?
4) I am using MikTeX latest version: does it support vf files? 

Hoping to find some help