hyphen appears twice in 8r.etx (fontinst 1.91)

Walter Schmidt was@vr-web.de
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 16:38:29 +0100

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:36:36 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:

>Modifying the ETX
>to make the lower hyphen dominant is straightforward, though.

Ok, I have changed the code back to what we had in fontinst 1.8, 
where the upper hyphen is named `alternate-hyphen'.  Actually,
there is no urgent need to do so, but I think it's just safer.
Strangely, fontinst issues a warning now:

  Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `alternate-hyphen'.

This did not happen with fontinst 1.8.  The rsulting VF's seem
to be ok.  

See  http://home.vr-web.de/was/psnfss-beta/  for the updated
8r.etx.  It includes also the Euro symbol, as agreed in the 
recent discussion in the tex-fonts list.