hyphen appears twice in 8r.etx (fontinst 1.91)

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:37:34 +0100

At 13.58 +0100 2002-03-27, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>Having discussed (on the tex-fonts list) the question, why
>"hyphen" appears twice in the encoding vector 8r.enc, I'm
>asking now, why the hyphen appears twive in the relatex ETX
>file 8r.etx.
>This holds for fontinst 1.91+, whereas with fontinst 1.8 the
>"upper" hyphen was named "alternate-hyphen".

In v1.8 fontinst could (for ligatures and kerning) only keep track of one
slot for each glyph, so one had to make sure the glyph names were distinct.
In v1.9 this is no longer necessary (which greatly simplifies making
all-caps fonts).

>This affects the generated VPL's:  With fontinst 1.8, the
>generated VPL would use the "lower" hyphen (slot D 45) of
>the base 8r font, whereas VPL files generated from fontinst
>1.9 use the "upper" hyphen (slot D 173).  Is there any
>reason behind this change?

In \mtxtomtx, the _last_ \setslot for a glyph name decides in which slot it
should go. Since the upper hyphen appears later in the file, it overrides
the lower hyphen. It is a bit unintuitive (\reset behaviour rather than
\set behaviour), but I fear it could be tricky to change. Modifying the ETX
to make the lower hyphen dominant is straightforward, though.

Lars Hellström