hyphen appears twice in 8r.etx (fontinst 1.91)

Walter Schmidt was@vr-web.de
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:02:33 +0100


Having discussed (on the tex-fonts list) the question, why
"hyphen" appears twice in the encoding vector 8r.enc, I'm
asking now, why the hyphen appears twive in the relatex ETX
file 8r.etx.

This holds for fontinst 1.91+, whereas with fontinst 1.8 the
"upper" hyphen was named "alternate-hyphen".

This affects the generated VPL's:  With fontinst 1.8, the
generated VPL would use the "lower" hyphen (slot D 45) of
the base 8r font, whereas VPL files generated from fontinst
1.9 use the "upper" hyphen (slot D 173).  Is there any
reason behind this change?

[ I'm asking this, after I tried to remove the "upper" hyphen
from the reencoding vector:  As a result, the old VF's made 
using fontinst 1.8 would still work, whereas those made using
v1.9 would lose the hyphen.  No, I do _not_ actually suggest 
to change 8r.enc, as this would make any newer VF unusable! 
I just want to understand what's going on.]

thank you in advance for enlightening me