Metafont to Type 1 font

Lars Hellström
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 11:12:37 +0100

At 05.18 +0100 2002-03-08, Mahn-Soo Choi wrote:
>Hi falks.
>Is there any (handy) way of translating Metafont
>(or GF and TFM files from it) to PostScript Type 1 font?
>There're lots of discussion about installing already existing
>Type 1 fonts, but I cannot find how to make Type 1 fonts
>in the first place?
>For me, Metafont might be the best starting point.
>I would greatly appreciate any help.

The reason you haven't seen anything about how to make Type 1 fonts is that
this is something very few people do. Usually, one gets them with the OS,
buys them from a commercial foundry [or gets them from a friend], or maybe
one downloads one of the few free fonts that are around. But there are
certainly tools that you could use to make a font of your own, if that is
what you want.

There was a sort of survey on the subject on the tex-fonts
( mailing list last autumn. The mail archive for
2001 of that list is the file (near 2Mb, I'm afraid)

The interesting stuff for your perspective starts 27 Oct 2001.

In addition to what was said then, I might (as a sort of pre-announcement)
remark that I have myself been working on a sort of linker that takes
output (containing glyph outlines) from MetaPost and builds a Type 1 font
(+ AFM and MTX metrics) from it, and that this tool has been fully
functional (although neither polished nor much tested) for a couple of
weeks now. If you're feeling a bit adventurous I could send you a copy for

Lars Hellström