.afm-Files after fontinst necessary?

Christian Kuhn Christian.Kuhn@qno.de
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 17:08:21 +0100


As far as i did understand, the only thing i need of a font for
using fontist is the .afm. No .pfb is needed. And the
Karl-Berry-Scheme is not necessary but highly recommended if i
don't use \latinfamily magic.

It is recommended to put the .afm after using fontinst in the
appropriate path, e.g. \localtexmf\fonts\provider\family. But why?
IF i'm right - and i have doubts - the metric work is done by
(pdf)latex using the produced .tfm. Nor the DVI-viewer neither
dvips or dvipdfm have to know about metrics, they only use the
outlines in .pfb. So is there another reason for having the .afm in
their own path except that i have they already renamed in case that
i have to repeat the use of fontinst?

Kind regards,