Fontinst v1.914 patch 3 [was: Re: transformfont to slanted and 8r]

Lars Hellström
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 13:10:27 +0100

At 00.29 +0100 2002-02-12, Christian Kuhn wrote:
>Hi Lars, hi all,
>Sorry for answering so late, but i do not earn my money with
>TeX-related things :-(

Very few of us do; maintaining fontinst is certainly not among the things
my employer pays me to do.

>If the documentation is written clearly, then i did everything
>allright until now, and everything should work fine. If not, it is
>not written clearly.

You've missed at least one possibility, namely that there's a bug in
fontinst, and in this case that is why things go wrong. The current
definition of \make_debug says \pout_lline{ ... in a couple of places where
is should say \pout_lline\output_debug{ ...  The correct definition should

   \ifx \reencode_etx\empty_command \else
   \ifdim \xscale_factor=\p@ \else
   \ifdim \slant_factor=\z@ \else

As usual, this corrected definition can be put in the finstmsc.rc file.

Lars Hellström