transformfont to slanted and 8r

Lars Hellström
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 17:16:45 +0100

At 13.11 +0100 2002-02-04, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
>Hi all,
>Thank you all for answers. Lars is the only one who answered
>publicliy, so i continue that thread:

Your reply does not seem to have been public, but I infer from this comment
that you meant it to be.

>Lars Hellström wrote:
>> That last line should be
>>   \transformfont{padro8r}{\slantfont{335}{\frommtx{padr8r}}}
>                                                 ^^^
>> since there (obviously) are no AFM metrics for padr8r.
>Of course. The writing device has had temporarily no connection to
>the thinking device :-(
>> The "map file fragment writer" in finstmsc.sty (present as of v1.914) will
>> generate these entries if you tell it to.
>The map file fragment writer is still some kind of magic to me. As
>usual with fontinst-related items, the documentation is for experts,
>and it's a hard way becoming expert by reading that documentation.
>But it seems i have to learn ...

I can understand if the map file fragment writer is "magic" --- it is
certainly fairly advanced string-processing in a language that wasn't
designed for that --- and the documentation can certainly do with
improvements, but I have hard to see how "Making map file fragments"
(Subsection 3.4 of the source) is documentation only "for experts". What is
there about it that is so "expert"?

>Thanks again for your answers.
>Kind regards

Lars Hellström