transformfont to slanted and 8r

Lars Hellström
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 10:38:03 +0100

At 10.24 +0100 2002-02-04, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
>In TeX unbound, Alan Hoenig describes making slanted fonts from
>unslanted (and upright italics from normal italics) by the following
>The entry for (or} is
>padro8a AGaramond-Regular ".335 SlantFont"
>As discussed in his book earlier, 8a encoding does not allow the
>access to all glyphs in the font, so it is necessary to reencode to
>8r. The fontinst-commands are simple, i believe:

That last line should be

since there (obviously) are no AFM metrics for padr8r.

>But what is the correct map-entry? Something like
>padro8r AGaramond-Regular "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r
>will contain no information about the slant, and
>padro8r AGaramond-Regular ".335 SlantFont" <padr8a.pfb
>will contain no information about reencoding. What is the correct way?

That would be to combine the above, i.e.,

padro8r AGaramond-Regular "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont .335 SlantFont"
<8r.enc <padr8a.pfb

The "map file fragment writer" in finstmsc.sty (present as of v1.914) will
generate these entries if you tell it to.

Lars Hellström