8x.afm, no .vpl

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Fri, 1 Feb 2002 10:35:45 +0100

At 10.21 +0100 2002-02-01, Axel Rose wrote:
>Walter Schmidt told me meanwhile one needs to have a 8a.afm
>file too. How do I produce this?
>My basis is a font which uses PostScript custom encoding.
>>From reading fontinst 1.8 documentation I found this is just
>an easy step but obviously it isn't.

When the font encoding isn't one of the standard ones then the \latinfamily
command is probably not what you should use, as it is basically built for
doing the right thing in a handfull of standard cases. I'd recommend using
the \installfont interface instead.

Of course, fontinst generally doesn't worry too much about what encoding
fonts are originally in (a glyph can be used regardless of what slot it is
found in) and \latinfamily pays no attention to what a font is (it only
cares about the file name). Hence \latinfamily might produce what you want
if you name your font rhar8a.afm instead of rhar8x.afm. It will work
provided that your font contains roughly the same glyphs as an 8a or 8r
font. If your font contains some quite different set of glyphs then you
probably don't want what \latinfamily would produce anyway.

Lars Hellström