8x.afm, no .vpl

Christian Kuhn Christian.Kuhn@qno.de
Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:47:09 +0100

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 10:21:43 +0100, Axel Rose wrote:

>$ mv myfont.afm -> rhar8x.afm

What font should it be? r is old (obsolete), but if the font is
old, too, it might fit. ha is Hadriano, r means upright medium, 8x
says it's an expert font.

>*latinfamily{rhax}{} \bye

Never trust in the latinfamily magic ;-)

>.tfm + .fd files were produced but no .vpl.
>Do I need .vpl files?
>Walter Schmidt told me meanwhile one needs to have a 8a.afm
>file too. How do I produce this?

By buying. At least, you need an ...8a.pfb, ...8a.afm. IF you have
the expert fonts, you also need the ...8x.pfb, ...8x.afm. I don't
know Hadriano, but there might be other weights, perhaps italics,
and so on, and you need the .pfb and .afm of every font you want to
use. There is no way to produce them, they have to be bought.

>My basis is a font which uses PostScript custom encoding.

What encoding is this? I don't know it.

>>From reading fontinst 1.8 documentation I found this is just
>an easy step but obviously it isn't.
>  "... denn alles, was entsteht, ist wert, daß es zugrunde geht ..."

Wenn Du Deutsch kannst: ausgehend von ähnlichen Problemen versuche
ich mich gerade an einem Tutorial zu fontinst. Zu finden auf
http://www.qno.de/computer/latex/fonts/tutorial.html. Ist noch
nicht fertig, eigentlich noch vor der Alpha-Phase, aber die
wichtigsten Sachen stehen schon drin. Vielleicht hilfts.

Kind regards,