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Sun, 26 Aug 2001 20:11:22 +0200

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> **** On Sun, 26 Aug 2001 10:05:24 +0200, "B. & C. van der Hoeff"
<v.d.hoeff@hccnet.nl> said:
>  > Something goes wrong with my installation of the Adobe Sabon
fonts.  The
>  > OSF are not created...
> One possibility is this: the afm file in my copy of Sabon
> (sarsc___.afm) doesn't give the right glyph names. (It lists a
instead of
> Asmall, zero instead of zerooldstyle, etc.) If fontinst is
relying on
> those, it won't find the glyphs in question. I seem to recall
editing the
> afm file to put in the correct glyph names at one point in order
to get
> this to work. OTOH, Adobe may have fixed the file since then.

You are right: there is still a zero instead of zerooldstyle etc.