Lars Hellström
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 14:52:35 +0200

At 10.05 +0200 2001-08-26, B. & C. van der Hoeff wrote:
>Something goes wrong with my installation of the Adobe Sabon fonts.
>OSF are not created, that is the result via
>\renewcommand{\rmdefault}{psbx} gives no
>problem but \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{psbj} leaves out the OSF and
>dvips gives e.g. `Warning: missing glyph `zerooldstyle' (while
>LaTeX is not complaining at all :-)). The
>postscript-file shows black boxes instead of OSF.

Yes, that is precisely what it looks like when fontinst was unable to find
(or fake) the requested glyph during font installation.

>First I renamed the fonts to:

The problem is that the set of fonts in this variant doesn't quite match
the ones that the \latinfamily command was constructed for, as there are no
Expert fonts from which the OSF can be picked.

>Then I TeXed:
>\input fontinst.sty

You could try using xfntinst.sty instead---that contains some variant code
which was intended for cases like this. If that doesn't work then you'll
have to use the \installfont command to make the fonts, which shouldn't be
too hard as the main reason \latinfamily fails is that it isn't looking for
the fonts you have.

Lars Hellström