WillAdams@aol.com WillAdams@aol.com
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 01:34:45 +0200

I've been working at compiling for myself all the documentation which is 
available, thus far I have:

 - fontinst manual v1.8, this is in both the stable and the pre-release 
version of fontinst
 - fisource---this seems to only be in the pre-release copy of fontinst on 
 - et99-font-tutorial.pdf/et99-font-tables.pdf - Vieth and Hoekwater's 
EuroTeX 99 presentation, included in fontinst pre-release

Supporting stuff:
 - fontname
 - fntguide (the LaTeX Guide to Naming Fonts)
 - dvips manual

There are mailing list archives at the project page at www.tug.org

Also, Alan Hoenig's _TeX Unbound_ covers things quite thoroughly.

The one thing I'm not finding which I'm looking for is an explanation of 9s 
``SuperFont'' encoding---I'm beginning to suspect that it's a forward-looking 
thing for when NTS or Omega is complete?