AW: kerning tables; ligatures

Hilmar Schlegel
Mon, 2 Jul 2001 11:02:43 +0200

Ulrich Dirr schrieb:
> > >I've made some custom fonts for a german book with german
> > >kerning and german ligatures (YES, this exists!). Now this
> > book will
> Extra kerning for ss, ch, sch, ck, gg, fb, fh, fk, gj, (j, f), j,
> f (these are important because they are by default cut for french
> ... and not german ...), \textsection n, :, ;, !, ? (extra left
> side bearing), etc.

Indeed Adobe fonts are usually explicitely made for English only. This
leads sometimes - for fonts which really rely on kerns - to ugly

As a first start you can take an Adobe font and look through the metric
file which kerns are provided. If I remember correctly there was
tech-note on the Adobe site with a listing of to be kerned pairs...

Hilmar Schlegel