List Protocol

Lars Hellström
Sat, 19 May 2001 15:26:01 +0200

At 17.04 +0200 2001-05-16, Yates, Michael wrote:
>I don't know how many readers of this list are like me. I am an
>amateur/duffer fontinst user. I lurk here trying to pick up fine points and
>insights as to what I've missed/misunderstood in the documentation. It's not
>annoying to me to have solutions to the problems posted here also posted to
>the list. Rarely is a question so simple that I can't glean something useful
>from the answer. And the traffic seems generally light. Could I ask then,
>that resident gurus send their answers to the list as well as directly to
>the questioner?

My impression is that this is precisely what we do: replies to questions
posted to the list are Cc:ed to the list. If you haven't seen an answer to
some post then there probably hasn't been one.

Lars Hellström