unwanted (i.e. wrong) kern pairs introduced

Richard Walker Richard.Walker@cs.anu.edu.au
Tue, 15 May 2001 07:51:41 +0200

I'm currently using fontinst 1.914 on Parisine, for which there is a
base family and an SC/OsF set, so I have these files:

fpab8a.afm   fpabi8a.afm   fpar8a.afm   fpari8a.afm
fpabc8a.afm  fpabic8a.afm  fparc8a.afm  fparic8a.afm

I want a set of fonts with old-style digits, so I did this:

tex xfntinst.sty

Well, that works a treat.  BUT I noticed that some of the kerning is
just plain wrong.  On further investigation I found that the 9d fonts
(i.e. what actually gets used when you ask for the font in LaTeX)
contain many extra kerning pairs (e.g. T+h, t+period) that shouldn't
be there.

The log file says, for instance:
INFO> run \installfont <fpar9d><fpar8r,unsetnum,fparc8r,resetosf,latin><T1j><T1><fpaj><m><n>

So for this font, it is getting the kern pairs first from the correct
base font, but it's adding the kern pairs from the small caps font!
So in the case of T+h the kerning used is actually what would be
between a T and a small caps h.

The small caps AFM files use names such as `A' and `a' (i.e. not `A'
and `Asmall'), but the small caps fonts seem to turn out all right
anyway.  I tried changing them to use the `Asmall'-type names
(including changing the kerning tables), but this doesn't seem to work
(fontinst isn't happy).

What can be done?


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