OT Re: Apps co-operation on fonts.

WillAdams@aol.com WillAdams@aol.com
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:51:41 +0200

In a message dated 01-04-20 13:23:25 EDT, evan@starnix.com writes:

> What techniques exist to simply the task of installing fonts that can be
>  shared amongst many applications?

Well, in Windows, I store a .pfm along with the .pfb and use Bitstream's 
FontNavigator to make said fonts available to Windows programs as well.

>  TeX has its methods. Dvips and various other dvi drivers have their own.
>  All of these are distinct from the methods and locations used by X
>  Windows.

And NeXTTeX is able to make use of system fonts directly 'cause it uses 
Display PostScript.... Systemic support is nice.

>  Is there any interest in a standard scheme that would give all
>  applications on a system access to all fonts? While it might be a stretch
>  asking conventional graphics and office apps understand Metafont, there
>  could (and maybe should) be a standard way to locate Postscript fonts
>  on Unix, Linux and similar systems.

Sure, but I doubt one would get much support for it. Too much in-fighting, 
and even a sensible concept like Pango doesn't get much support beyond its 
little niche AFAICT.

I'd suggest writing scripts which make lots of links and leaving it at that 
until GNUstep is done, then you could convince someone to do a NeXTTeX clone.