[Q] Extending existing Type-1 installations with fontinst

Anshuman Pandey apandey@u.washington.edu
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 01:01:31 +0200


I recently posted a query regarding the generation of an "fj" ligature for
a Type-1 font to comp.text.tex. I followed-up by posting a second, more
detail, query but was unable to elicit any response. Perhaps this list is
more disposed to such inquiries. If not, I shall bite my tongue and make
my way tail between legs.

The responses I received to my initial question suggested two distinct
approaches. The first was to create a hack of an "fj" glyph from the
original typeface using a font editor and then use virtual font magic to
derive a solution. The second was to use fontinst to fake an "fj" glyph.
I'm going to try the second.

I have an approach (completely theoretical):

1. Modify a copy of OT1.etx to include glyph info for the "fj" ligature:

   a. \setslot{\lcig{FJ}{fj}}\endslot

   b. add \ligature{LIG}{\lc{J}{j}}{\lclig{FJ}{fj}} to

2. Modify a copy of latin.mtx to include metric info for "fj"


3. Revise the glyph definition of "dotlessj" to define an actual
   glyph. Since "dotlessj" is not part of the standard Adobe encoding, the
   latin.mtx file produces a warning for most Type-1 fonts.

   This may not even be possible. Actually, I don't see how I could
   generate a faux glyph. I'm thinking some magic with "dotlessi" and "j",
   or some digital whiteout to block out the tittle.

Before I begin could anyone please enlighten me as to the implications of
the arduous undertaking? Is it possible to add a new glyph to existing T1
metrics via virtual fonts, etc.?

Thank you.

Anshuman Pandey