Success story

Joachim Trinkwitz
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:34:58 +0200

Lars Hellström <> writes:

> You could try slanting the smallcaps fonts to get oblique hanging (a.k.a.
> oldstyle) figures, but whether that is aestetically acceptable is another
> matter. Then you would do something like

Thanks alot for your solution. Indeed it would be nicer to dispose of
the original italic figures (according to some typography books I
consulted this should be the standard, if there is a standard in font
questions: hanging figures in the upright font, versal figures in the
italic one).

In some situations there surely is a need for the upright versal
figures too -- is it possible to put together a virtual font with
these? And how to make use of such a beast?

Greetings and thanks,