second argument of \latinfamily

Lars Hellström
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 10:25:38 +0100

At 20.05 +0100 2001-02-12, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>The fontinst command
>  \latinfamily{pcr}{\hyphenchar \font\m@one}
>puts the following into the resulting.fd files:
>  \DeclareFontFamily{...}{pcr}{\hyphenchar \font\m @ne}
>                                                --^--
>Fixing this manually is trivial, of course;
>yet I think it should rather be fixed within fontinst.

It's a catcode problem; with the catcodes that are in force when the
argument is tokenized there is no difference between what you write in the
argument and what fontinst puts in the FD. The easy workaround is of course
to write -1 instead of \m@ne.

If you want to write a fix (temporarily changing the catcodes; it should
probably be to the LaTeX \nfss@catcode's) for \latinfamily then I can
include it, but it is not anything I will fix myself. BTW, you would also
have the same problem with \installfamily.

Lars Hellström