Malyshev's t2 fonts

Vladimir Volovich
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:28:11 -0500

"HS" == Hilmar Schlegel writes:

 HS> In general the optimal lenght the hyphen sticks out is a
 HS> font-dependent property. So latin.mtx provides here some useful
 HS> default value which should be adjusted for fancy fonts. Using
 HS> exactly 1/2 of the width is a rather formalistic choice, though.
OTOH, latin.mtx's default (zero "stick out" length) is also a bit
formalistic choice, isn't it? :-) (and it does not give hanging
hyphenchar at all!) so maybe 1/2 of the width of hyphen is not a worse
choice? (and it would be compatible with EC fonts, -- e.g. useful for
AE fonts)

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.