Malyshev's t2 fonts

Vladimir Volovich
Sat, 25 Dec 1999 15:38:30 -0500


It seems that Maksym Polyakov found a bug in definition of glyph
`hyphenchar' (used in T1 encoding).

He wrote:

 MP> T1 and T2 fonts have hyphenchar which is hyphen with metrics
 MP> width half of its actual width and intended to use for hanging
 MP> hyphenation.  (BTW, when used, make text look much better!)

The definition of hyphenchar in latin.mtx (and latinsc.mtx) is:


Which should probably be changed to:


What do you think? In EC fonts, the width of hyphenchar (slot #127) is
exactly half the width of hyphen (slot #45); and the glyph looks the
same. Hyphenation of texts written with EC fonts when one sets
\hyphenchar\font=127 is "half-hanging", as compared to the (default)
case when \hyphenchar\font=45. IMHO, fontinst's definition should
follow this rule.

BTW, is it okay that latin.mtx (and latinsc.mtx) contains the line


BEFORE the definition of the `hyphenchar' glyph?

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.