oldstyle digits

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 08:41:50 -0500

Werner Struckmann wrote:
>How can OsF-Fonts be installed if there are no expert-fonts available?

In fontinst v1.8 you have to do it on the \installfont level, for the fonts
where you have raw OsF's (such as Times-ItalicOsF below) the commands would
simply be


to get the equivalent of what \latinfamily would have done if it had
applied. All these commands must of course be put inside an \installfonts
... \endinstallfonts block, the font families must be defined (so that FD
files are made) using the commands (put right after \installfonts)


and before the \installfonts you should have reencoded the 8a fonts to 8r
using \transformfont.

The fonts where you have CSC raw fonts are trickier. There you have to do
something like


and continue like that for the other fonts and encodings.

Tip: If you just let \latinfamily run on the fonts you have and then
extract all lines beginning with INFO> from the log file, you should get a
pretty good overview of which \installfont, \installrawfont, and
\transformfont that \latinfamily normally does. It is not exactly what you
need, but it should provide a useful reference.

Other tip: If you get fontinst v1.910 (in fontinst-prerelease on CTAN)
instead, you can make "faked" 8x metric files that will let \latinfamily
work (but this is more of a hack). How to do this was described about two
weeks ago on this list, but note that you'll need to insert the patch
(corrected version) that was posted to the list in your fontinst.rc file
for this to work right.

Hoping I didn't make any typos above,
Lars Hellström