Fontinst 1.8

Lars Hellström
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 13:50:30 -0500

Werner Struckmann wrote:
>We have bought the Adobe Agaramon Fonts including the Expert font set.
>I've installed everything as explained in the fontinst-manual.
>What are the correct lines in for the expert fonts? The following
>seems to be not correct.

I think the first few ones you sent should be
padr8x  AGaramondExp-Regular                     <padr8x.pfb
padri8x AGaramondExp-Italic                      <padri8x.pfb
padro8x AGaramondExp-Regular    ".167 SlantFont" <padr8x.pfb
pads8x  AGaramondExp-Semibold                    <pads8x.pfb

i.e., there should be no "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" (since Expert
fonts do not have any unencoded glyphs AFAIK (the AGaramond set definitely
don't) and reencoding an expert font in TeXBase1Encoding will unencode all
the glyphs so that TeX can't use them!) and there is no need for a <[8r.enc
(download an encoding file 8r.enc) either. Furthermore the bracket seems
wrong to me, but that I can't say for sure.

If padro8x is still giving you troubles after this then you could try
adding a space between " and .167, and another between SlantFont and the
second ". The dvips I use need these, for some reason, but I think that is
a bug in that particular port of dvips.

Lars Hellström