oldstyle numbers

Rolf Marvin B°e Lindgren r.m.b.lindgren@usit.uio.no
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 09:03:59 -0500

[Lars Hellstr÷m]

| It seems you've only given two arguments to \installfamily, so that it
| grabbed a following \endinstallfonts for the third. \installfamily
| should however appear before all \installfont and \installrawfonts for
| that family, since it will clear the list of fonts in that family that
| fontinst maintains between \installfonts and \endinstallfonts.

ouch, that's silly ... anyway, should I now say





psfonts.map for pdftex says

        psbb8r Sabon-Bold <<SabonBol.pfa 8r.enc
        psbr8r Sabon-Roman <<SabonRom.pfa 8r.enc
        psbrc8r Sabon-RomanSC <<SabonRomSC.pfa 8r.enc
        psbri8r Sabon-Italic <<SabonIta.pfa 8r.enc
        psbbi8r Sabon-BoldItalic <<SabonBolIta.pfa 8r.enc
        psbro8r Sabon-Roman "0.167 SlantFont" <<SabonRom.pfa 8r.enc

does this make sense?

I use miktex, which does not allow the, er, simple argument style to
pltotf, etc.  is 

for f in *.pl 
    do pltotf $f `basename $f .pl`.tfm

for f in *.vpl
    do vptovf $f `basename $f .vpl`.vf `basename $f .vpl`.tfm


Rolf Lindgren