oldstyle numbers

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 08:44:30 -0500

>I've tried all the tricks, including Lars's, but none seem to achieve
>what I would like to accomplish.
>I have fontinst 1.910, and Lars's suggestion
\input fontinst.sty

(Actually, I had intended the \transformfont and \reglyphfonts to be put
outside the \installfonts ... \endinstallfonts block, but that shouldn't

>creates a five-page .dvi-file, most of the lines of the form

When fontinst actually creates a .dvi file, it is usually because there is
something wrong (I think uses of \enctoetx can be an exception, but I'm not
sure). That is true in this case too, since it seems I've used \string in a
couple of places where it should have been \noexpand. It's easy to fix
though, and I intend to post a patch for it later today (when I have had
the time to test it).

>furthermore, I would assume that the result would be virtual fonts that
>made calls to the roman and smallcaps fonts, but that does not seem to
>be the case.  I'm quite confused as to which fonts to actually call

All \setrawglyph commands in psbr8x.mtx should refer to the font psbrc8r,
so a virtual font which uses the glyph definitions in psbr8x.mtx should
list psbrc8r amongst its MAPFONTs.

>furthermore, the t1psb.fd file contain the illegal line
>\DeclareFontFamily{T1}{psb}{\endinstallfonts }

It seems you've only given two arguments to \installfamily, so that it
grabbed a following \endinstallfonts for the third. \installfamily should
however appear before all \installfont and \installrawfonts for that
family, since it will clear the list of fonts in that family that fontinst
maintains between \installfonts and \endinstallfonts.

Lars Hellström