fontinst v1.910 announcement

Ulrik Vieth
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 17:16:27 -0500

> Having taken a look at the new fontinst (thank you, Lars!),
> I noticed that the files euscr.etx and euex.etx have not yet
> been updated.

Yes, indeed these are the old ones completely unchanged.

> However, he present versions (1.801) of these files are 
> lacking the following entries:

> - euscr.etx should have a "minus" in slot 0

IIRC, there may have been a good reason to ignore the existence
of this particular "minus" sign in euscr.etx.  Maybe the reason was
that there is another "minus" sign in eufrak.etx, which is the one
that is actually used in gkpmac.tex.

> - euex.etx should have an "arrowbothv" in slot 108
>   and "arrowdblbothv" in slot 109

I guess that I must have missed theose when I created the eu*.etx
files during the math font work some two years ago.

Anyway, the question remains whether all those arrows in euex 
still make sense after Knuth's redesign of CM arrows in 1993(?).
After all, at the time when "Concrete Mathematics" was written
and the euex font was first put together, CM fonts used to have 
rather skinny arrow heads, much samller than the present ones.  
(If you compare the code, however, the method of making arrow
heads darker is different in CM ( and Euler (

> These glyphs are actually present in the Euler fonts.

> (I have reported this already more than once, but apparently
> to the wrong people; at least, I never got any reply ...)

You probably did report it to the right people, but they simply 
forgot to take care of it.  Remember that this list is only an
ordinary mailing list, not a full-featured bug tracking systems
as used e.g. in the LaTeX bug reporting system.  

(If there are any other bug reports that got lost, please don't
hesitate to bother us again.)

Cheers, Ulrik.