Walter Schmidt walter.schmidt@arcormail.de
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 11:28:18 -0400


sorry for  constantly asking questions;
obviously I'm the only one who does not understand fontinst ...

I did the following:

(1)  tftopl eurm10

(2)  run fontinst 1.801:

(3)  pltotf eurmo10

Now I have got two problems with the resulting eurmo10.tfm:

- eurmo10.tfm has no FONTDIMEN entries, as you can see
  by running it again through tftopl

- the checksums of the original eurm10 and the newly created
  eurmo10 differ;  AFAIK the checksum algorithm should
  create identical checksums when you apply slanting only.

Did I do something wrong?
Are my assumptions wrong?
Is this a bug with fontinst?



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