ligatures in 8r encoded fonts

Karsten Tinnefeld
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 05:06:51 -0400

> As I have now had the time to look at it, I can definately say that it is a
> genuine bug (I think it's the first code bug reported about v1.9). It is
> not the ETX that is wrong (although you can work around the bug by
> modifying this), but fontinst itself. The problem is that the v1.9
> \vpl_ligature assumes that every glyph that has been assigned a slot really
> exist (the v1.8 version checked), whereas \end_assign_slot makes an
> assignment regardless of whether the glyph exists or not.

This may be the answer to a problem I did not report yet: When 
generating 9c-fonts, output is produced that dvips/gs cannot cope with, 
since nonexisting glyphs are not left out. For printing only half-
filled TS1-fonttables, I had to go the pdf->ps way.
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