ligatures in 8r encoded fonts

Lars Hellström
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 05:25:53 -0400

Peter Harmand wrote:
>Dear list,
>the command \vpl_ligature has changed in fontinst 1.902. This results in
>LIG entries for ff, ffl, and ffi in *, even if there are no such
>glyphs in the font. The resulting 8r-tfm file is not usable for
>   With fontinst 1.801 one gets Warning: \ligature for unknown slot ...
>and the final 8r-pl-file has no reference to ff, ffl, and ffi.
>   Is this intentional?

Judging from what you have written I would say no, but I'll have to look at
it more closely (no time right now). Note however, that the ETX and MTX
files that come with fontinst v1.902 are the same as for v1.801 and that
they are known to need an update in some areas. This might be a new point
where an update is needed.

Lars Hellström