installing a monospaced font

Lars Hellström
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 09:21:11 -0400

Walter Schmidt wrote:
>what do I have to obey when installing a typewriter font?

You simply has to set the integer monowidth, e.g.
at some point before the \installfonts command. The value you set it to is
irrelevant; the only thing checked (by commands in latin.mtx and t1.etx,
and probably a couple of other files as well) is whether the integer is set.

Note that setting monowidth affects the results of all \installrawfont and
\installfont following it. Also note that it doesn't work to set it between
\installfonts and the matching \endinstallfonts, as the scheme of group
nesting fontinst is involved in at that time would reset the integer before
any of the code which checks it is executed.

>Can I use the same commands as for a roman font, e.g.:
>  {T1}{blg}{m}{n}{}

>(Please, do not tell me to use the \latinfamily command;
>I want to include some extra stuff, which is not shown
>in the example.)
(Personally, I wouldn't dream of suggesting that.)

Lars Hellström