philosophy and Adobe Garamond
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 09:42:51 -0400

As I recently noted on comp.text.tex, I now have this working thanks to the 
kindness of Yu Zhang, who sent me a .zip file of the installation. For some 
reason, my copy wasn't working even when I'd copied all of the files from the 
tree into a commond directory (h:\localtexmf\generic\fontinst)

I now have things in h:\localtexmf\fontinst with the archive which YZ sent me 
and it's working fine (though I've only run it, haven't tried installing the 
fonts---that's the next step).

BTW - the BASH one liners to run pltotf and vptovf don't seem t work under 
Cygwin on Win95 (or does one type in the $ as apart of the command?, will try 

Oh yes, found one more typo in the manual (I think) did I mentioned 
``developped pdfTeX program'' in my previous list?