Help please: How to get lining numerals into my small caps font.

Hilmar Schlegel
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 03:59:07 -0400

Alan Vlach wrote:
> > > of Sabon fonts which I like very much, but the small caps and oldstyle
> > > figures are in the same file, so fontinst generates a font psbrc8t with
> > > non-lining numerals in the numeral slots '060 through '071.  I want to
> > > put _lining_ numerals there.


will do the job as a shortcut. psb8* are the fonts reencoded to the
"raw" encoding of your choice (containing all necessary characters of
the fonts)

A bit of study of the manuals & samples is in place, however.

Hilmar Schlegel


%%% This is file `unsetnum.mtx', version <1.0a> 
%%% Copyright (C) 1994 Aloysius G. Helminck. All rights reserved. 
%%% Permission is granted to to customize the declarations in this 
%%% file to serve the needs of your installation. However, no permission
%%% is granted to distribute a modified version of this file under 
%%% its original name. 
%%%  This TeX font metrics file unsets the numerical glyphs 
%%%                           .