Help please: How to get lining numerals into my small caps font.

Alan Vlach
Sat, 29 May 1999 22:14:41 -0400


This is a low-level irritation about which I have posted one or two
queries over the last few months:  I have a commercially-purchased set
of Sabon fonts which I like very much, but the small caps and oldstyle
figures are in the same file, so fontinst generates a font psbrc8t with
non-lining numerals in the numeral slots '060 through '071.  I want to
put _lining_ numerals there.

Here's what I've tried so far:

+ Downloaded vfinst, ran the scripts on my psb/afm files, and got small
caps and non-lining numerals in _all_ my psb/m/* fonts -- very
unsatisfactory (and disappointing), so I restored what I had produced
from fontinst.

+ Downloaded the sabon package from CTAN (fonts/psfonts/adobe/sabon) and
replaced psbrc8t.tfm and psbrc8t.vf.  This got the numerals right, but
the small caps are faked.  I'd prefer to use the _real_ small caps I
paid for.

This seems like an easy problem to solve and shouldn't have taken me the
hours I've spent so far.  I am not looking for another full-scale
implementation of Sabon (no Y&Y commercials, please) or anything more
than just the answer to this specific question.  Maybe it's in the
fontinst documentation, but I don't understand the syntax of fontinst
commands, so the docs don't make that much sense to me.

So ... if anyone knows how, please tell me how to put lining numerals in
positions '060 through '071 of my psbrc8t font.

Thanks much,
--Alan Vlach